Where to Brunch in Metropolitan Phoenix: 10 Spots for a Late-Morning Feast

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Ready to brunch? If a long, luxurious breakfast sounds like heaven to you, Phoenix offers several welcoming spots to satiate your mid-morning appetite.

For a southwestern twist on the traditional brunch, head to Dick's Hideaway, a midtown Phoenix gem serving up hearty and savory, New Mexico-style breakfast dishes. 

In central Phoenix, Vovomeena is a solid brunch destination, serving gourmet coffee and inspired breakfast plates. 

In Central Phoenix's historic Coronado district, be sure to swing by Duza's Kitchen for beautifully prepared breakfast, lunch and brunch plates. You'll find everything from quinoa oatmeal to unique takes on classic brunch dishes, like Chef Duzic's southwestern-inspired eggs benedict.

For a menu that evokes Parisian cafe staples and to enjoy a Euro-style brunch, check out Fame Caffe on Central Avenue. The restaurant offers specialty omelets, classic French sandwiches like a good croque madam and croque monsieur, and lovingly prepared pancakes, French toast and other American breakfast favorites. 


Vovomeena describes its menu as "craft breakfast and brunch," with an emphasis on craft. The always-changing menu of carefully composed breakfast and brunch dishes manage to be both hearty, arty, and most importantly, delicious. Everything on...  Read More

Dick's Hideaway

Rustic yet casually upscale, Dick's Hideaway is the kind of place locals take out-of-towners for an authentic taste of traditional Southwest flavors. Lunch, breakfast and dinner is served at this small local gem, where the smell of slow-roasted...  Read More


Ocotillo is a bonafide food and drink compound in central Phoenix, with a sprawling, ambitious menu of New American eats. Here, "New American" means everything from big plates of gorgeously burnished roasted chicken, enormous falafel burgers, or...  Read More


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Matt's Big Breakfast

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