10 Best Restaurants in Downtown Phoenix's Roosevelt Row Neighborhood

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Roosevelt Row, or RoRo if you prefer, is perhaps downtown Phoenix's most popular neighborhood. You'll find historic houses, art studios, freshly erected condo high rises, and an ever-growing food and drink scene. If there's one constant here, it's change.

The area is home to neighborhood staples like Carly's Bistro, an unassuming restaurant and bar with a simple yet well-executed menu of sandwiches, salads and bar nibbles. 

Looking for a fine craft beer to enjoy with lunch or dinner? Make a pit stop at Mother Brunch Brewing, a local microbrewery with a menu of creative pub fare. 

For a date night, or just some of the most revered wood-fired pizzas in the city, stop by Cibo, a charming Italian restaurant, pizzeria and neighborhood staple that's located in a historic house near Roosevelt Row. 

For "unabashedly inauthentic" – and very delicious – noodle bowls, head to SoSoba, a fun and casual noodle shop on Roosevelt Row. 

Also fun, and quite delicious, is the casual, globally-inspired menu at The Dressing Room, a small but lively restaurant that serves up delicious burgers, tacos, and beachy street grub from around the world. 

Pita Jungle

This local chain is a favorite with local foodies and health enthusiasts. The large, eclectic menu features wraps, salads, burgers, wood fired pizzas, and several delectable sides. Try the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for starters, or dive right...  Read More

Mother Brunch Brewing

Mother Brunch Brewery is Roosevelt Row's resident microbrewery and gastropub, serving creative fare and craft beer. It's a win-win combination that elevates familiar ingredients into unexpected pairing. The small plates menu features stand-outs...  Read More

Short Leash Hot Dogs

Once a humble downtown Phoenix food truck, Short Leash Hot Dogs is now one of downtown Phoenix's most-loved local eateries. The restaurant specializes in gourmet hot dogs - but these are not your typical ballpark hot dogs. They come wrapped in...  Read More

Matt's Big Breakfast

If you don't know where Matt's Big Breakfast is, no problem. Simply look for the long trail of chatting, slightly restless men and women lined up outside the small cafe on First Street. This is Matt's Big Breakfast, one of the city's most...  Read More

Grand Avenue Pizza Company

The Grand Avenue Pizza Company offers gourmet specialty pizza, calzones and sides in the Grand Avenue arts district in downtown Phoenix. The small, counter service pizzeria dishes out pies and slices until 4 am every morning, making it one of...  Read More